Best answer: Is Honda CB trigger a good bike?

Muscular design and performance is good. Servicing and maintenance is depends on the rider. Overall the bike is good with average mileage 50km in cities and dynamic engine performance 4 piston air cooled engine, awesome bike riding, go for it.

Is Honda trigger a failure model?

Honda has announced that the CB Trigger has been discontinued from the Indian two-wheeler market. The 150cc bike will be replaced by the soon to be launched Honda CB Hornet 160R. … Honda announced that it has discontinued the CB Trigger from the Indian two-wheeler market.

What is the mileage of Honda CB trigger?

Key Specs of CB Trigger

Engine 149.1 cc
Torque 12.5 Nm
Mileage 60 Kmpl
Brakes Double Disc
Tyre Type Tubeless

What is meaning of CB in Honda?

CB means City Bike. it is Honda’s range in commuter market.

Is Honda trigger available in Bangladesh?

CB Trigger SD is a high performing bike which is available in the Bangladesh motorcycle market.

When did Honda discontinue the trigger?

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has discontinued the CB Trigger within 2 years of its launch in the Indian market. The Honda CB Trigger registered sales of merely 8,000 units for quarter April to June, 2015.

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Why was the CB Unicorn Dazzler discontinued?

When Honda launched the CB Trigger, it did not make it official about the bike being a replacement to the CB Dazzler. We all obviously knew about it. The Dazzler has been a failure for the Japanese automaker and hence the company has discontinued the bike, silently.

Which bike is best for mileage?

List of Best Mileage Bikes in India 2021

Bikes Ex-showroom price Mileage
TVS Sport Rs.56,500 73 kilometres per litre
Bajaj Platina 110 H-Gear Rs.62,471 70 kilometres per litre
TVS Star City Plus Rs.46,428 to Rs.68,915 70 kilometres per litre
Bajaj CT 110 Rs.56,248 70 kilometres per litre

How many types of Honda bikes are there?

Honda Bikes in India. Honda bikes price starts at ₹ 62,229. Honda has a total of 26 bikes of which 7 models are upcoming which include CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, CBR500R, CBR300R, CB500F, PCX 125, CB1000R and CB300R. The Honda Gold Wing is the most expensive bike with a price tag of ₹ 39.16 Lakh.

Which engine oil is best for Honda trigger?

Castrol Power1 10W-50 4T 1 Litre Bike Engine Oil-Honda Trigger.

What kind of bike is a Honda CB?

The CB Series is an extensive line of Honda motorcycles. Most CB models are road-going motorcycles for commuting and cruising. The smaller CB models are also popular for vintage motorcycle racing. All CB series motorcycles have inline engines.

What type of bike is a Honda CB?

The Honda CB750 is an air-cooled, transverse, in-line four-cylinder engine motorcycle made by Honda over several generations for year models 1969–2003 as well as 2007 with an upright or standard riding posture. It is often called the original Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM).

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What is the difference between Honda CB and CBR?

The most significant differences between the two engines is the CBR gets a ram intake for stronger top-end power, while the CB receives an upgrade of dual intake ducts compared to the single of the F model.