Can you overtake a cyclist on zigzag lines?

You MUST NOT park on a crossing or in the area covered by the zig-zag lines. You MUST NOT overtake the moving vehicle nearest the crossing or the vehicle nearest the crossing which has stopped to give way to pedestrians.

Is it illegal to overtake a cyclist?

Unsure what the rules are? The Highway Code states that when overtaking a cyclist, drivers should give, ‘as much room as you would give a car’. It doesn’t specify a minimum distance that drivers must leave between the cyclist and their car, which is a source of confusion for many.

Can you overtake a cyclist at a junction?

When turning left, allow any cyclist ahead of you to pass the junction. Don’t overtake cyclists and then turn sharply across their front wheel.

When you are overtaking a cyclist you should?

When you are overtaking a cyclist you should leave as much room as you would give to a car.

How do you overtake other cyclists?

Overtaking Other Cyclists

Take the lane as you approach so that you can give a slower cyclist plenty of room as you overtake. The other cyclist might not hear you and you don’t want them to be surprised and wobble – into you or the kerb. Don’t swing left too soon after you pass.

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What lines can you overtake on?

If the unbroken line is only on your side, you may not overtake, but if it’s a broken line on your side but an unbroken line on the other side, you can overtake.

How much space do you need to overtaking a cyclist?

Motorists should leave at least 1.5m of space between their vehicle and the cyclist when overtaking at speeds less than 30mph. This should be greater in poor weather or when the car is travelling at speed.

What should you do if you overtake a cyclist when it’s very windy?

What should you do? Explanation: Cyclists, and motorcyclists, are very vulnerable in high winds. They can easily be blown well off course and veer into your path. Always allow plenty of room when overtaking them.

Can you overtake a cyclist on double white lines?

Double white lines where the line nearest to you is broken.

This means you may cross the lines to overtake if it is safe, provided you can complete the manoeuvre before reaching a solid white line on your side.

Can you exceed the speed limit when overtaking?

Although you should complete an overtaking manoeuvre quickly, never exceed the speed limit for the road. If the vehicle in front of you is overtaking then do not assume that it will be safe to follow.