Can you ride a bike in the dark?

Cycling is generally a daytime activity but sometimes the road beckons, even in the dark. Fortunately, you can still get out on two wheels with a few key bike accessories and some tips to keep you safe, warm and visible—whether you’re commuting or just want to get out for an evening joyride.

Is it OK to ride a bike in the dark?

It is NEVER safe to ride your bike at night without proper lights. When you are dealing with traffic while riding on the road, being visible is your number one priority. Safe night riding starts with your clothing.

Do you need a light to ride a bike at night?

For night riding, most states require a white front light with a beam that can extend at least 500 feet ahead and a rear red reflector when riding at night or in low-visibility conditions. … Many states require reflectors as a safety measure—usually on the front, rear, wheels, and pedals.

When biking at night should you ride?

Explanation When riding at night, the bicycle must have a white headlight visible for 500 feet and a red reflector visible for 600 feet to the rear. A flashing taillight or a steady red taillight may be used in addition to the red reflector.

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What should I wear cycling in the dark?

“Reflective gear has been shown to be seen better than hi-vis wear at night,” adds Woodcock. “Having reflective piping on your clothing, especially your gloves, will help others see you and your hand signals.”

Can you get fined for not having lights on your bike?

C yclists caught riding unlit in the City of London after dark are to be handed free bike lights instead of a £50 penalty ticket in a new safety drive. … Anyone who cycles through the Square Mile without lights after dark can receive a fixed penalty for committing a “moving offence”.

Is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet?

It is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet and also the government made these traffic rules for your own safety. Wearing a helmet can save you from getting injured in sudden road accidents and sometimes save your life also. … You can purchase a helmet lock to keep the helmet with the bike so that you do not forget it.

What do you need to bike at night?

If you need to bike at night, you should have at least a front and back light attached to your bike. Ideally, you want your headlamps and tail lights to be flashing, but you can also opt for bright LED lights like the ones from You may also want to attach lights on your ankles when you bike at night.

Are flashing bike lights illegal?

Flashing lights are permitted but it is recommended that cyclists who are riding in areas without street lighting use a steady front lamp.”

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