How do you dock a Santander bike?

Simply download the app and register for pay-as-you-pedal. Use the app to “hire now” from a nearby docking station and get your release code. Tap your code into the docking point and you are good to go!

How do I dock my Santander bike every 30 minutes?

So long as you return a bike every 30 minutes, you can keep riding all day for just £2. You have to wait just 5 minutes between rides. To return the bike, push it firmly into an empty docking point at any docking station and wait for the green light to appear.

What happens if you leave a Santander bike?

Santander Cycles is designed for short-term hire, but you can keep the bike as long as you need it. Just remember, your account will continue to be charged until you return it to an official Santander Cycles docking station.

How do I reuse my Santander bike?

No, each time after you returned the bike, to get a new one, simply insert same credit card in to the machine and machine will issue a new code for the bikes.

How do you unlock a Santander bike?

Use the app

  1. Enter the bike number and you’ll receive a 4-digit code.
  2. Enter the code into the bike computer, press ok, and the bike will unlock.
  3. Secure the cable lock in the holder on the basket and off you go!
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How do I get my Santander bike out of the dock?

Step 2 – Ride

  1. Take a moment to read our tips for safer cycling at the terminal.
  2. Choose your cycle and check the tyres, brakes and bell.
  3. Type your release code into the docking point’s keypad and pull the cycle out when the green light appears.
  4. Adjust the saddle height and you’re good to go!