How do you remove a hub from a bike wheel?

How do you remove a hub from a bike?

The axle is independent of the freehub.

  1. Remove set screw from side of drive side locknut.
  2. Hold non-drive side cone with cone wrench. Loosen and remove drive side locknut.
  3. Pull freehub to remove. Use care not to loose small parts. Note orientation of pawls as you remove freehub.

Can you change a campy hub to Shimano?

Just rock a Campy cassette on there. Just buy a Shimano compatible hub and relace the wheel. Running Campy 11 speed cassette with Shimano does work, but it doesn’t work properly. It’s shifting alright, but it often sounds like you’re between gears, and ultimately it will drive you crazy.

Can you change the freehub on a bike wheel?

Simple answer: yes, but it’s not worth doing. Cost of hub, spokes, nipples and having wheel rebuilt will exceed the cost of a new wheel. Even if you re-use the spokes a new wheel will still be cheaper. Wheel building requires special equipment, expertise and time to do correctly.

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