Question: Where did the EJ Potter bikes go?

Where are the EJ Potter motorcycles?

Potter sold the Widowmaker 7 to Randy Newell in 1974, and in 1979 the bike was purchased by Gary Werner. Werner restored the bike in the 1990s, but loaned it to the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida, as he found it too unsafe to ride.

What happened EJ Potter?

E. J. Potter, a k a the Michigan Madman, a legend of the American drag strip who earned his nickname riding 170 miles per hour on a motorcycle he fitted with a Chevy V-8, and who later went nearly 200 m.p.h. on a three-wheel bike powered by a jet engine, died on April 30 in Ithaca, Mich.

Who owns Widowmaker motorcycle?

That’s when I met Hank Thilbodeau, the owner of Widowmaker Custom Design & Repair. I first met Hank a little over a year ago as I was working on the cover story for “Hazey Thoughts”, the monster 11 foot long chopper Hank created.

What bike was known as the Widowmaker?

Named the Kawasaki 750cc Mach IV. Of all the world’s production models, it’s the fastest thing on two wheels.

The original Kawasaki H2 aka The Widow Maker.

Engine 748cc, air-cooled, oil injected, 3-cylinder, two-stroke
Top speed 126mph

Who made the first V8 motorcycle?

The Curtiss V-8 motorcycle was a 269 cu in (4,410 cc) V8 engine-powered motorcycle designed and built by aviation and motorcycling pioneer Glenn Curtiss that set an unofficial land speed record of 136.36 miles per hour (219.45 km/h) on January 24, 1907.

Curtiss V-8 motorcycle.

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Manufacturer Glenn Curtiss
Fuel capacity 2.5 US gal (9.5 l)

Is EJ Potter still alive?

Deceased (1941–2012)
E. J. Potter
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