When we pedaling the bike it stops because 1 point?

Why does the bike stop when pedaling?

When we stop pedaling, the bicycle begins to slow down. The reason is friction starts acting opposite to direction of motion which leads to slowing down the bicycle.

When we pedaling the bicycle it stops because I the Earth’s gravitational force acts on it II it is not accelerated III no unbalanced force acts on it iv frictional force acts on it?

When we pedaling the bicycle it stops because frictional force acts on it. Therefore, IV option is correct.

When we stop pedaling a bicycle it slows down and gradually stops Why?

When the rider stops pedalling the bicycle, the force of friction between the tyres of bicycle and the road acting in the direction opposite to the direction of motion of the bicycle, opposes the motion of the bicycle and this force is now unbalanced, thus slowing down the bicycle.

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Which of the expression to find the force is correct?

Answer: The formula for force says force is equal to mass (m) multiplied by acceleration (a). … Force is measured in Newtons (N), mass in kilograms (kg), and acceleration in meters per second squared ( m/s2 ).

What is frictional force how it arises?

Frictional Force refers to the force generated by two surfaces that contacts and slide against each other. … Friction arises from shearing these “fused” junctions and from the action of the irregularities of the harder surface tilling across the softer surface.

What is it called when the number of forces acting simultaneously on a body?

when a number of forces acting on a body bring about a change in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, then these forces acting on the body are said to be unbalanced forces.

When a cyclist moving stops pedaling cycle get stops after some time which force is responsible for stopping?

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The external force in this case is the friction between the bicycle and the ground. The force of friction gradually reduces the moving force until it gets to zero and the bicycle stops moving.

Why do we continuously paddle to keep the cycle moving class 9?

Explanation: we need to continuously paddle to overcome the force of friction between the tyres and the road. … Whenever we try to take a turn at every point force is tangential and if not properly controlled or balanced ,it will result into skidding in the direction where the net force is facing.

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Is there any force acting on it which tends to reduce its speed?

Force of friction. Explanation: Force of friction always acts in the direction opposite to the motion of the body.

How do you solve force equations?

Learning the Formula. Multiply mass times acceleration. The force (F) required to move an object of mass (m) with an acceleration (a) is given by the formula F = m x a. So, force = mass multiplied by acceleration.

How do you find the force?

Force Formula

The formula for force states that force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration. So, if you know mass and acceleration, just multiply them together and now you know the force! The units for acceleration are meters per second squared ( m/s2), and the units for mass are kilograms (kg).