Are reflectors required on a motorcycle?

Factory-model standard vehicles, extended vehicles (trucks, vans and 3-row SUVs) and two-wheel motorcycles are accepted on the Auto Train.

Do I need a reflector on my motorcycle?

Motorcycles must have one red reflector aligned to the longitudinal centre line and positioned to reflect squarely to the rear. On motorcycle and sidecar, the sidecar must also have a reflector fitted towards the outer side and positioned to reflect squarely to the rear.

Do motorbikes need a rear reflector?

(1) A motor vehicle with 4 or more wheels, and a trailer, must have a rear-facing red reflector towards each side of its rear. (2) A motor bike, a sidecar attached to a motor bike, and a motor trike, must have a rear-facing red reflector.

Why do motorcycles have reflectors?

Mandatory and permitted equipment

A rearward-facing reflector must be positioned to the rear of the motorcycle. 3. A reflector must be of an area that allows it to reflect light to improve the visibility of the motorcycle to other road users without causing undue dazzle or discomfort.

Where do reflectors go on a motorcycle?

Front reflectors usually go on the handlebar or front stem near where the handlebars and stem meet. Back reflectors usually go on the stem below the seat. Don’t place the back reflector too high, or its reflection might be blocked by the seat or the bottom of your shirt.

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