Frequent question: How does a motorcycle swingarm work?

What Is a Swingarm and How Does It Work? … The swingarm is attached to a motorcycle’s chassis via a swingarm pivot bolt, which allows the swingarm and rear wheel and tire to move up and down with the undulations of the road—in conjunction with a shock and spring.

What does a motorcycle swingarm do?

A swingarm, or “swinging arm” (UK), originally known as a swing fork or pivoted fork, is a single or double sided mechanical device which attaches the rear wheel of a motorcycle to its body, allowing it to pivot vertically. … The swingarm has also been used for the front suspension of scooters.

How do swing arms work?

Function. The swing arm is joined to the motorcycle at a higher pivot point than where the rear axle is connected. … This lowers the pivot point where the swing arm joins the bike frame and lengthens the wheelbase at the same time, making the bike more stable and easier to control.

What does a longer swingarm do?

Extended swing arms — the main part of the rear suspension, holding the rear axle — help prevent the bike from going into wheelie position on takeoff, which can happen unintentionally.

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How does a single-sided swingarm work?

The swingarm has to support the rear wheel, pivot so the suspension can do its thing, and deal with some pretty major loads. … With a single-sided swingarm the axle, sprocket, and chain, all stay where they are, while the wheel just slides off the axle.

Do all motorcycles have a swing arm?

There are! The H-shaped swingarm is the most common. … Although most motorcycle manufacturers use a chain and sprocket for propulsion, some manufacturers actually incorporate a driveshaft into those single-sided swingarm designs, such as BMW and Moto Guzzi.

What motorcycles have single-sided swingarms?

Ducati, KTM, MV Agusta, Kawasaki, and Honda all have motorcycles with super-trick single-sided swingarms.

How does extended swingarm affect handling?

Longer swingarms are common in drag racers to help take offs without wheelies and improve straight line stability. Hill climb bikes also have extended swingarms because the upward angle makes flipping too easy. Extended swingarms make steering slower and the turning radius larger.

What is swing arm length?

Swingarm length is typically measured from the swingarm pivot axis to the rear axle. … The calculations for swingarm and chassis geometry now consider the offset between the frame center and the actual swingarm pivot.

Is single swingarm better?

The main advantage of the single-sided version is ease of maintenance. A single-sided swingarm makes it much easier to remove the rear wheel, provided the bike has a centrestand or you have a paddock stand to hand.

Where is the swing arm on a motorcycle?

In some countries, manufacturers call a swingarm a “swinging arm”. However, its original name was swing fork or pivoted fork. However, it is the main part of the rear suspension setup of most modern motorcycles and ATVs. It holds the rear axle firmly while pivoting vertically.

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What is Aluminium swing arm in bike?

So just to sum it up a swingarm is literally a main component of the bike which allows for the fitment of the rear axle of the bike and the rear suspension to be set up as well as allows for the vertical movement of the rear tyre which helps manage the undulations on the road.