Question: Is Ducati owned by Volkswagen?

Is Ducati owned by VW?

Ducati was bought by VW Group in 2012 and it was directly because of the love of motorcycles and in particular Ducati by former VW Group boss Ferdinand Piech.

Who is Ducati owned by?

The Italian motorcycle brand Ducati was founded in 1926 and has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 2012.

Who owned Ducati before VW?

Audi purchased Ducati through its Italian supercar arm Lamborghini, from Milan-based private-equity firm Investindustrial Advisors S.p.A. Audi, which is part of the Volkswagen Auto Group, intends to keep the current Ducati management in place, with a board member from Lamborghini swapping with one of Ducati’s.

When did VW buy Ducati?

The VW Group (via Audi) purchased Ducati for €835 million ($981 million USD) back in 2012. The motorcycle builder was seen as a potential candidate for sale as it’s a “non-essential” part of the VW Group’s buisness.

Who is buying Ducati?

BERLIN, April 18 (Reuters) – Volkswagen’s Audi division said it agreed to buy Italian motorcycle maker Ducati, adding a 12th brand to the German auto maker’s portfolio of passenger cars, trucks and ultra-luxury vehicles.

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