Question: Where can I get a key made for my Honda motorcycle?

How do I get a replacement key for my Honda motorcycle?

How to Replace My Honda Motorcycle Key

  1. Call or visit your local Honda dealership. …
  2. Provide Honda with your motorcycle’s key code. …
  3. Pay for your new motorcycle key once your key has been created for you, a process that generally only takes a few minutes.

How do I find my Honda key code?

They actual code is only located on the lock cylinders. There isn’t a sticker on the vehicle itself. Any dealer can get your key code from Honda using your VIN number.

How much does it cost to get a motorcycle key made?

A: Average Motorcycle Key Replacement (Lost all keys) is $100 – $175.

Can I get a key made from the VIN number?

Most vehicles in the United States from 1990 and up have key codes that are saved on file with the manufactures. As long as you can prove ownership of your vehicle a car key can be made with the Vehicle Identification Number aka VIN number. Once a key code is pulled from the VIN number a car key can be cut.

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How much is a replacement key at Honda?

How much does a replacement key cost? There may come a time when you need a replacement Honda key or simply need a new battery. It’s a good idea to learn about the price and process beforehand. The average price for parts and programming for a replacement key is $90-140.

Where can I get a motorcycle key made?

A locksmith can use your bike’s ignition cylinder code or the entire ignition cylinder to make a new key. You also have the option of reordering a key from a local dealer, using your bike’s VIN.

Can you start a motorcycle without a key?

Yes, you can start a motorcycle without a key, but it depends on how old the motorcycle is and your knowledge of its electrical systems. In essence, not all motorbikes will turn on without a key since modern bikes are designed to discourage theft.

What do you do if you lose your bike key?

If the keys are lost, you can always take your bike to a nearby dealership and they will replace your Lock Set after having verified your ownership.

So, you have a few options here:

  1. Try a locksmith. Some will come out to work on a motorcycle, some won’t. …
  2. Call the dealership. …
  3. Get a new ignition cylinder.

Do motorcycle keys have chips?

The majority of motorcycles on the road today use a version of a regular key as we know it. A key may or may not be “chipped,” which means that the key has a small computer chip embedded in it as an extra security measure.

Does AutoZone make keys for cars?

Does AutoZone Make Keys for Cars? AutoZone specializes in making keys for nearly any make or model and is truly your one-stop shop for all your car key needs. If your vehicle is older than 20 years old, you can get regular ignition key blanks cut for your car and will cost you between $2.50 and $6.00.

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How do I get a replacement ignition key?

If you lose it: You could call a locksmith, who can come and make you a new key on the spot. In some cases—an unusual or older vehicle—a locksmith may not be able to help. You might need to buy a new ignition lock cylinder and key from the dealer or an independent repair shop.

Can you get keys made online?

Not only can they unlock doors, but with, your smartphone can also be used to request a copy of your house key. … Forget about those tiresome trips to the hardware store—now you can make copies of your key while sitting from your couch.