What do the numbers mean on motorcycle tires?

The first number (180) is the width of the tire in millimeters. The second number (70) is the aspect ratio, which is the height of the sidewall. The height is 70% of the width or 126mm high. The third number (16) is the rim size. In this case, the rim size is 16 Inches in diameter.

What does 71 h mean on a motorcycle tire?

Alpha Tire Codes

It seems to fit with a standard alpha system, except for the last two figures: 71 H . Here, 71 indicates the load index (see Load Index Chart ). The “H” is a speed rating.

What does 55 W mean on motorcycle tires?

This means that the tire’s measurement from inside the bead (which sits inside the wheel rim holding the tire within it) to the top of the tire is 55% of the tire’s width.

What does 74H mean on a motorcycle tire?

For example, a tire with the sizing MT90B16 74H has a load index of 74 and a speed rating of H (130 mph). Note: Newer tires that have a width of 150+mm will only use metric sizing. When the alphanumeric system was created, motorcycle tires didn’t get much bigger than an MV85 (150mm).

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What speed rating is R?


R 106
S 112
T 118
U 124

What does B mean on motorcycle tires?

Obviously, “R” stands for radial and the “B” stands for bias-belted. If there is no letter between the aspect ratio and rim size that means the tire is just a standard bias ply tire/cross ply tire. … If radial and bias tires do get mixed and matched you’ll usually see the bias tire up front and the radial at the rear.

What does MT mean on a motorcycle tire?

MT90S-16. M = motorcycle tire. T = width. 90 = aspect ratio (cross-section height is 90% of width)

Can I put a wider tire on my motorcycle rim?

Wide tires are not necessarily better. They usually “turn in” worse than a skinnier tire of the same make and model, and usually hurt fuel mileage. The common alteration of mounting a wider rear tire may make the bike harder to steer, even unpleasantly or unsafely so.

What does 51j mean?

Looking for motorbike tyres?

Load Index KG’s
46 170 kg
47 175 kg
48 180 kg
49 185 kg

What is the B in motorcycle tire size?

Construction. The letter R or B indicates the construction used to create the casing of the motorcycle tire. An R stands for radial construction and a B indicates the casing has a belted bias.

What is the difference between MT90B16 and mu85b16?

The next number is not the height, it is the aspect ratio. 90 means the height is 90% of the width and the 85 is 85% of the width, so MT90 would be 130mm wide and 117 mm high, MU90 would be 140mm wide and 126mm high, MT85 would be 130mm wide and 110mm high, MU85 would be 140mm wide and 119mm high.

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What size is MT90B16?

The MT90B16 is a 130/90B16. I believe that the tire is the same dia, but has a slightly higher load. The 130/90B16 (MT90B16) was the size 04 and back. A 140/80 or a 150’80 will fit on the rear of 04 up.