What is the fastest way to corner a motorcycle?

How do you speed a corner?

Dial in Speed

Always dial in your speed by braking BEFORE the apex of the corner. Braking in the corner makes it harder to get the bike to turn and might cause you to slide out if you’re on the brakes too much. It is important to scrub enough speed before entering the corner while you are still going straight.

Does a car or motorcycle corner faster?

Corner speed

So over a course with a series of corners, a car can be faster than a motorcycle. … “A car should have more lateral acceleration potential due to more rubber,” he says.

When should you Countersteer a motorcycle?

Which technique gets used depends upon several variables; however, to simplify matters, we can break it down to this:

  1. To Turn a Motorcycle below roughly 12 mph, use COUNTERWEIGHTING.
  2. To Turn a Motorcycle above roughly 12 mph, use COUNTERSTEERING.
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