What should you do when overtaking a motorcyclist in strong winds?

Explanation: In strong winds, riders of two-wheeled vehicles are particularly vulnerable. When you overtake them, allow plenty of room. Always check to the left as you pass.

What should you do when a motorcycle is overtaking you?

When a motorcycle is overtaking you, you should maintain speed and lane position. As the driver of a vehicle, you should never tailgate a cyclist before passing.

Which 2 should you allow extra room when overtaking?

Explanation: Don’t pass riders too closely as this may cause them to lose balance. Always leave as much room as you would for a car, and don’t cut in.

What are the rules of overtaking?

Never accelerate when being overtaken. Overtake only on the right, unless the driver in front of you has signaled that he is turning right. Do not overtake when you cannot see the road ahead, at a corner or a cross-road or around a bend. Beware of “Go Ahead” signals given by persons other than the driver.

Why should you allow extra room when overtaking a motorcyclist on a windy day?

The rider may be blown across in front of you

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to high winds and may be forced to swerve or lose control more easily than other vehicles. You should leave plenty of room when overtaking vulnerable road users in windy conditions.

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Can you exceed the speed limit when overtaking?

Although you should complete an overtaking manoeuvre quickly, never exceed the speed limit for the road. If the vehicle in front of you is overtaking then do not assume that it will be safe to follow.

What should you do before overtaking on a single carriageway road?

Explanation: Before overtaking, you need to make sure it’s safe to carry out the manoeuvre. As part of your check, look well ahead for road junctions. You shouldn’t overtake as you approach a road junction, because if a vehicle emerges, or has to wait to turn, you could risk a collision.

Which side should a motorcycle overtake?

Overtaking on the Left Legalities

the vehicle in front is signalling to turn right and you can safely pass on the left. Be cautious if there’s a road to your left (it’s a crossroads for example); an oncoming vehicle may turn right, into the road that you are passing on your left.

Can motorcycles overtake?

Is it legal to filter or overtake slow moving/stationary traffic? In a nutshell, yes. … Among other things it advises that motorcyclists (or any other vehicle for that matter) should not overtake or filter where they might come into conflict with other road users. So filtering/overtaking is not illegal.

When can u overtake?

The only time you can overtake on the left is when the vehicle you’re overtaking is: waiting to turn right or make a U-turn from the centre of the road. stopped. travelling on a multi-lane road.

How do you overtake on the highway?

Once you have started to overtake, move past the vehicle you are overtaking as quickly as possible. and leave it plenty of room. Then move back to the right side of the road as soon as you can, but without cutting in. Do not accelerate against the rear of the vehicle in front, or out to the left at the last moment.

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When would you overtake on the inside lane?

It states: “Do not overtake on the left or move to a lane on your left to overtake.” The Code though, advises that it’s OK for a car to undertake in slow-moving traffic, if its lane is moving faster than a lane on the right. In these circumstances it’s deemed safer to undertake than to weave in and out of the traffic.