You asked: How long does a motorbike theory test last?

In the test, there are 50 questions: you’ll need to get at least 43 correct to pass. You’ll have 57 minutes for this part of the test. The multiple choice questions appear on screen and you’ll use the mouse to choose the correct answer.

How long does your motorcycle theory test last?

The motorbike theory test: multiple choice

You’ll have 57 minutes and will be asked 50 multiple-choice questions – though you don’t have to use the full allotted time. The questions are based on three books: The Highway Code, Know your traffic signs and Riding – the essential skills.

How long does a theory test exam last?

How long does the theory test take? You’ve got 1 hour and 20 minutes (57 minutes for the multiple choice questions) to complete your driving theory test, although some people finish it sooner.

What is involved in a motorcycle theory test?

What’s involved in the Motorcycle Theory Test? The Motorcycle Theory Test consists of two parts, a multiple choice question section and a hazard perception test. … To pass the hazard perception test you will need to score at least 44 out of 75 points (59 per cent).

How long does your Mod 1 last?

(valid for 2 years). Then you must pass your practical Module 1 test. (now that certificate is only valid for the REMAINING life of your theory certificate – NOT a further 2 years).

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