You asked: Where are the new AJS motorcycles made?

But the launch of a new AJS doesn’t mean that yet another famous British name is back in production in Blighty. It might look like a product of Birmingham, or maybe a backstreet London custom house, but the Cadwell cafe racer is actually made in China.

Where are modern AJS motorcycles made?

AJS have been around for years – but were among the first to outsource their manufacturing to China in search of bringing quality bikes to the UK market at a reasonable price, but also keeping their ideas in line with their past.

Who manufactures AJS motorcycles?

A.J.S was acquired by Matchless Motorcycles in 1931 and produced famous models such as 16MS, 18MS, Model 20,30,31, CSRs and the “Boy Racer” 7R. In 1966 A.J.S was absorbed into the Norton Villiers group.

What motorbikes are made in China?

Some of the most popular Chinese motorcycle brands today are: Zongshen: This Chinese motorcycle brand is one of China’s biggest manufacturing companies, established in 1992.

Other popular Chinese Motorcycle brands include:

  • Chang Jiang.
  • Lexmoto.
  • FB Mondial.
  • CFMoto.
  • Zontes.
  • Voge.
  • AJS.
  • Baotian.

Who makes AJS Cadwell?

AJS Motorcycles Ltd.

The Cadwell beautifully recaptures the spirit of the motorcycles of the 50’s and 60’s where owners would modify their bikes into the style of Café Racers.

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Are AJS Motorcycles made in China?

It might look like a product of Birmingham, or maybe a backstreet London custom house, but the Cadwell cafe racer is actually made in China. AJS is one of the oldest names in British motorcycling, building its first bike in 1909.


Engine type Air-cooled SOHC four-stroke single
Gearbox 5-speed

Are AJS Motorcycles Chinese?

AJS Motorcycles is a famous British brand with more than a century of racing and manufacturing history behind it, today dealing exclusively in imported Chinese bikes. … Fluff later bought the business from an ailing Norton Villiers, and set up shop dealing in spares for the Stormer and selling trail and motocross bikes.

Where are AJS Modena scooters made?

A funky, retro design inspired in parts by both Lambretta and Vespa, the AJS Modena is Chinese-made and backed by a full UK dealer network.

Where are matchless motorcycles made?

Matchless is one of the oldest marques of British motorcycles, manufactured in Plumstead, London, between 1899 and 1966.

What motorcycles are made in the UK?

Top 5 British Made Motorbikes

  • Brough Superior. Brough Superior motorcycles were made in Nottingham by George Brough for 21 years, from 1919 to 1940. …
  • Triumph Bonneville. …
  • Hesketh. …
  • Royal Enfield Bullet. …
  • Métisse.

Who makes Zongshen?

Zongshen (Chinese: 宗申) is a Chinese manufacturing company producing motorcycles, quad bikes, generators and engines, based in Chongqing, China. It claims to have a yearly output of over 1,000,000 motorcycles. Zongshen Chongqing is the original manufacturer of the Zongshen 200 GS and Zongshen 250 GS.

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Who is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China?

This statistic shows the leading motorcycle manufacturers in terms of motorcycle sales in China in 2020. That year , Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Da Changjiang had ranked first with a sales volume of approximately two million units in China.

Where are Forza motorbikes made?

Safety: All Forza Scooters comply with the latest and strict European standard (EEC certificate), plus all Forza Scooters are assembled in NZ and also Pre-Delivery checked NZTA Authorized Inspectors.